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Welcome to the Official Website of “The Iron Rose”
A World of Warcraft Heavy Role-Play Guild
Located on the Sisters of Elune Server.

Hello and thank you for visiting the official website of The Iron Rose.  For those who'd like more detailed information about our guild prior to applying you can navigate to our Forums and read the threads inside "Introduction to the Guild".   Below are the essentials of what you should know about us prior to applying:

*Note:  If you're a Guild Master looking to integrate your guild into The Iron Rose please navigate to
((Forums --> Introduction to the Guild --> Guild Integration...for more detail))

-We are a Role-Play Guild-

We love the MMO World of Warcraft and all it has to offer.  We encourage our members to group together for instances, questing, dailies and pvp but we are first and foremost a role-play guild.  Members who don't enjoy running instances or pvp'ing will be able to find a comfortable place to live within The Iron Rose. However a person who doesn't enjoy role-play and has problems staying in character should not join The Iron Rose.

- We RP a Feudal Culture -

Guild members of the Iron Rose can simply enjoy the benefits of being in an RP guild or play a more active role in the story line of The Iron Rose.  Instead of creating traditional "Officer Ranks" we've created the rank of Baron/Baroness and Prince/Princess. Members looking to advance in the guild can pledge their skills as a knight, lead citizens by staking a claim in their favorite Barony (i.e. zone) or rule over one of the Principalities (i.e. continents) of Azeroth.  Eventually our guild will consist of eight Principalities each with their own culture offering new members a wide variety of game play experiences from raiding to PVP to dark and shadowy intrigue.
((Go Forums --> Introduction to the Guild --> Guild Structure & Rankings...for more detail))

- No Guild Sponsored OOC Chat -

We have made a decision to forgo an OOC channel and voice communication tools such as Ventrilo.  It's been our experience that these eventually erode role-play and lead to OOC drama.  Guild chat is used as a tool to enhance role-play and is in character.  OOC conversations should be held in whispers or private party chat.  If an OOC comment is needed in guild chat it should be put in ((brackets)). In addition to the RP that happens in guild chat, we also have a guild-only channel where guild members can simulate the actions of their characters in a guild hall environment for a more traditional "virtual RP" experience.
((Go Forums --> Introduction to the Guild --> Guild Culture...for more detail))

- Guild Chat Mechanics-

We role-play that our hearthstones double as communication devices. If you imagine your character talking over a walkie-talkie you will be very close to understanding how to RP your character's interactions in guild chat.   Pressing the "talk" button and speaking into your hearthstone transmits  your voice to all guild members (i.e. guild chat).  Pressing the "private" button and speaking into it will send the message to just one person (i.e. a whisper).  There's also an on/off button for privacy.
((Go Forums --> Introduction to the Guild --> Chat Mechanics...for more detail))

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